One Month of Moves – Days 2 & 3!


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Good morning!  I’m popping in to share my moves for the past couple days!  This little challenge has been a great motivator for me, and I look forward to continuing on over the next month.

Yesterday was day two, and I was able to get in an awesome 45 minute spin class at the gym.  Keith and I have been doing really good at alternating spin classes, so while one of us stays home with the baby, the other one can get a little time away.  The instructor, and our great friend Sean, teaches Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays at 9am.  So far our little routine is working quite well!  While I’m on maternity leave, this also gives me a great chance to see friends and join the real world for a couple hours haha. 😉  We did the newest class last night, which has some awesome music and a good mix of sprints, fast downhills, climbs and transitions.  It’s crazy how much Kallen motivates me now. When I start to doubt myself, I just picture his little face cheering me on, and I get a little boost.  I was reminded of an awesome quote the other day, “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.”  It’s sooo true.  It’s too easy to get in a comfort zone where the exercise kinda hurts, but it’s sustainable.  I kept repeating that quote over and over, and it got me to push just a bit harder.


Ok, so on to day 3 (today).  After a few days of intense workouts, my body definitely needed a break. Also, my parents are coming in to town today, so my day is pretty full.  I decided to try a Daily Burn yoga workout.  I went with Corey, my favorite trainer so far, and chose the restorative yoga option.  Only 16 minutes too.  It was a good mix of hip openers, breathing exercises and upper body stretches, which is just what I needed.


I’m not sure what’s on tap for tomorrow, possibly another Daily Burn workout?  I already feel more energized, and I can’t wait to continue on.

On a side note, I am loving my new haircut and color!



One Month of Moves – Day One!


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Hi! I’m excited to begin something new that will hopefully motivate me as I embark on my fitness journey! I don’t want to say “losing the baby weight” or “getting my body back” because quite frankly those phrases sound a bit negative. I’m pretty dang proud of my body which grew and delivered a human. That’s crazy! My body did what it needed to do to ensure that happened. Am I bigger than I was before I got pregnant? Of course! But I can’t let that get me down. There’s a pretty amazing reason why. 🙂

Beginning today and for the next month, I’m going to blog daily about my “moves for the day”.  I’m hoping that this little challenge will help keep me motivated in the fitness department. Also, by holding myself accountable to moving each day, I hope to get a variety of exercise in. I’m not going to do intense workouts seven days a week, so I hope to do some stroller walks or yoga throughout the week as well. In my opinion, mental health is equally important, and a good walk and fresh air can do the soul mighty good.

I kicked off my challenge this morning with another Daily Burn workout. First, I have to tell you how much a fan I am of this program. I’m usually not one to hop on the bandwagon of things advertised in January. But, this company is legit haha. It’s great to have such a diverse library of workouts at my fingertips ranging in length and style.


This morning I went with a cardio based workout, called “Metabolic Maximizer” since I did a kettlebell circuit program yesterday.  It was definitely a challenge, but I’m glad I picked it. Thankfully Kallen napped the entire time so I was able to finish the thirty minute workout before he woke up.  The workout consisted of fourteen rounds of four exercises, five reps each.  Jumping lunges, quad squats, geckos and bear squats on repeat. Holy crap…it was no joke. After round six I was toast, but thankfully you get a tiny recovery between each round. Excuse the crazy hair below!


After Kallen ate later this morning, I decided to bust out the BOB jogging stroller since the weather app showed a balmy 34 degrees.  You know it’s winter when you’re excited for weather in the thirties. Yikes!  I strapped little man in, bundled him up and we did thirty minutes around the neighborhood. Going straight up hill with that thing is an intense workout all on its own!  It felt great to get some fresh air though.

All in all, I’m proud of day one, and the good groove I’m in so far. I’m sure not every day will involve this much activity. Some days I might only squeeze in 10-15 minutes worth of moves. But that’s kind of the point. As a mama, I want to show that a fit lifestyle isn’t about length or hours spent in the gym. Like I blogged about yesterday, it’s the culmination of the little things that will add up!

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It’s the Little Things

Hey there! As I embark on my postpartum fitness journey, I’m realizing just how important the phrase, “It’s the little things”, really is each day. As a mama, I’ve learned that time is precious! Most importantly, time with my little guy/family is my number one priority. I can’t believe K will soon be two months old. I don’t want to miss out on a second with him. Each milestone is just so fun!  However, I also know that to be the best wife, mama, employee, friend that I can be, I have to take time for myself by working out and eating healthy. I used to be all or nothing with this. I’d go to the extreme of working out six days a week for hours at a time while eating “clean” 99% of the time. Then, a vacation, holiday or life event would cause me to swing to the other side of the spectrum and lose sight of a fit lifestyle. I’m now at the point where living in the middle is not only something I desire, but frankly the only way to be! A fifteen minute daily burn workout is something I now find great satisfaction in. My old self would have said that fifteen minutes is not good enough. As a mama, I want to teach my son that the little things you do each day ultimately add up to something amazing! Every healthy choice I make, whether with food or exercise, will lead to more healthy choices. Those healthy choices will get me to my goals. I don’t have to be all or nothing. I don’t have to sacrifice pizza on a Friday night (when I can eat dairy again ha), or birthday cake or a drink now and then. The little choices I make are so worth it!

That’s my two cents for a day!


An Easy Dairy Free Snack Idea

Hello there! Due to Kallen’s possible dairy allergy, his pediatrician recommended that I cut dairy from my diet when he was 3 1/2 weeks old. We’re still not totally sure if he has a dairy allergy, but better to be safe than sorry! He’s been reacting much better to my breast milk since I’ve eliminated it, so that’s a good sign and totally worth the sacrifice!

Anyway…when I began living dairy free, I realized just how hard it was! Also, I’ve been relying on dairy for protein and snacks, so I knew I needed to get a bit more creative.

One quick snack idea that’s also high in protein? An egg white, turkey bacon, avocado bowl. This literally takes less than five minutes to prepare and inhale, has lots of protein and good fats (great for breast feeding).


1/3 cup liquid egg whites

2 slices Applegate Farms turkey bacon

1/3 avocado


Grab a microwave safe bowl. Pour your egg whites in and nuke on high for 1 minute 15 seconds. Tear your turkey bacon* into bite size pieces and add on top. Slice an avocado into chunks or slices. Voila!

* I pre-cook my turkey bacon and then keep it in the fridge in a Ziploc bag to grab as needed.

I make this during the afternoon or evening between meals. It’s so yummy, easy and healthy. Win win!

My First DailyBurn Experience!

Just popping in to share my first experience with DailyBurn.  After seeing multiple advertisements for their free 30 day trial, I decided to sign up. Since I’m home all day on maternity leave, I figured this would be a great option! I like variety, and with a newborn, I need the option of short workouts!

After signing up, I got to choose my own program and went with the 15 minute workout program that lasts two weeks. It comes with a workout plan and meal plans too, which are a great bonus!

Today’s workout was 15 minute MMA. Now, I’m probably the most uncoordinated person in the entire world. I was a little nervous, because I typically don’t enjoy these kinds of workouts. I have to say, although I couldn’t quite get a couple of the moves, I got an awesome workout in! I worked up a sweat, while working every major muscle group. Score!

I look forward to adding these workouts into my routine over the next couple weeks. While I’m still getting back to go with my workouts, I think DailyBurn will help motivate me as I get there!

A Day in the Life: 5 Weeks Old

I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs, and it’s also a fun way to document the days so that I can remember them for years to come!

This was a typical day at home with my little guy. I tried to document each thing in my notebook, so most times and activities are accurate.

Friday, January 2nd:

12:45am – Wake up and hear K fussing. He’s currently sleeping in the bassinet section of the pack n play by our bed. He wet through his pjs and swaddle. I change him in the nursery and put him back down to sleep. Keith took the last feeding so I could get some sleep, so I was able to shut my eyes around 8:30pm.

2:21am – Wake up hearing K beginning to fuss. I get up and get a bottle out of the fridge to warm up. I go back to see K has fallen asleep again. I climb in bed, and we both end up sleeping for another hour.

3:12am – K is officially hungry now. I wake him, unswaddle him and take him to the nursery to eat. We eat, burp, get all the spit up out and change diaper. K spits up over new outfit so we move to pj set #3 of the night. I swaddle him, give him his bink and put him back down.

4:03am – I climb in bed and start pumping. I get 4 ounces in 20 minutes..sweet! I scroll through social media on my phone while I pump. K is not the least bit sleepy.

4:23am – I finish pumping and go to kitchen. I put milk in freezer storage bag, wash pump parts and bottles.

4:30am – Keith wakes up for the day and grabs his coffee/cereal. He’s up early to catch a 6am spin class at the gym. I’m super proud of him!

4:40am – I go back to bed and see K staring at me with eyes wide open. After a quick whiff, I now realize why he’s still awake. I laugh, and take him to nursery to change him. It’s funny how a poopy diaper has yet to actually bother him!

4:56am – K is now sleepy and goes right to bed after a swaddle, bink, womb sound, kisses and cuddles.

6:56am – K starts fussing. I’m surprised since he usually sleeps for a longer stretch at this point. I give him his bink then grab his bottle.

7:12am – After a couple unsuccessful bink attempts, I get K up, undressed and diaper changed.

7:15am – Take K to living room to eat I turn on the Christmas tree lights and the Today show. I feed K, burp him and put his pjs back on. I put K in his swing to chill. He is quite smiley and happy.

8:00am – I grab my Starbucks French roast coffee (in need of the strong stuff) with French Vanilla almond milk creamer. I make breakfast, which consisted of oatmeal with flax, blueberries and almond butter. I call Keith to hear about his spin class. I feed Kimber her breakfast.

8:10am – I sit down and write this out while K chills in his swing.

8:20am – K starts getting sleepy, so I swaddle him while I sip my coffee/eat breakfast. He falls asleep in my arms.

8:40am – Put K down in rock n play and turn on his womb sound. He’s out like a light. I finish breakfast and scroll through facebook.

9:00am – I get ready to pump and take my first round of milk plus.

9:16am – I start pumping and instantly regret not filling my water bottle first. I always get so incredibly thirsty within the first 30 seconds!  I stroll through Instagram and blogs. I also write down some ideas for this new blog of mine.

9:49am – I stop pumping and wash bottles and parts, clean up the living room, make our bed and put together Kallen’s activity mat to begin using for the first time.

10:30am – K starts stirring, so I quickly take Kimber outside to pee and then feed little man.

11:00am – I finish up his bottle and burp K. We play on his new mat, I give him a bath b/c of all of the spit up ensuing, clean up more spit up, read him Pinnocchio and put on his outfit for the day.

12:00pm – Time for nap! I swaddle, turn on his womb sound and put him down in his rock n play. I boil some water for forumula and throw a load of K’s laundry in.  It’s crazy how quickly one tiny baby can fill a washing machine!

12:10pm – I make a turkey sandwich with pickle and spinach along with baby carrots. I speed through a DVR’ed episode of House Hunters, my latest addiction.

12:30pm – I put the Chicco caddy stroller together, since I plan to run some errands later, and switch the laundry to the dryer.

12:45pm – Grab a shower, put on makeup, curl my hair and get dressed for the day. Boy, that feels good.

1:15pm – Time to pump!

1:55pm – Another round of cleaning the pump parts

2:00pm – K is still snoozing, so I make some low-fat kettle corn popcorn while I wait for him to wake up.

2:40pm – K wakes up from nap, so I change his outfit and feed him.

3:15pm – I change a dirty diaper, burp and sway with K. He loves looking outside! We play on his activity mat and do some tummy time. He tolerates small bursts at this point.

3:35pm – I dress him and put him in swing while I clean up the living room.

3:50pm – Get ready to run to Target, thank goodness I catch a wet diaper first. He actually wet through his whole outfit, so we change everything and then he goes in the carseat.

4:00pm – Out the door..wahoo! We start with a stop at the Starbucks drive through. I get a Soy Americano, and it tastes like heaven.

4:30pm – Run to Target and put K in the caddy stroller, works great! I grab formula, more burp cloths and almond milk.

5:30pm – Stop at Lucky’s Sporthouse/Restaurant to pick up dinner for Keith and me, which I phoned in before hitting up Target.

6:00pm – Arrive home and feed K.

6:40pm – K falls asleep on my chest with a nice, full tummy. I love these moments.

7:00pm – I move K to his swing, while he snoozes away.

7:20pm – Keith and I eat dinner while watching an episode of Friends. I enjoy their house salad with salmon, while Keith enjoys the firecracker chicken and fries. I love when he shares his chicken, oh so good!

7:45pm – K wakes up fussy, so we change his diaper, bounce/burp, then I give him to Keith.

8:13pm – I pump while we watch more Friends.

8:55pm – I finish pumping, fold laundry and get ready for bed.

9:30pm – Lights out for me! Keith graciously stays up for K’s bedtime routine.

Whew! That’s a lot!

Kallen Rogers: One Month


Dear Kallen,

I can’t believe you’re already ONE month old already!  Gosh, they say that the days are long, but the years are short. So true.  It’s been the hardest yet absolutely best month of my life so far, and that’s because you entered it!  You arrived on November 28th bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Each day your eyes seem to get bigger and better.  We took you home from the hospital on November 30th, a very cold and snowy Sunday.  Kimber and Kory weren’t sure what to think of you at first, but they quickly adapted and love to be around you now. We had to get you re-tested for jaundice at just 3 days old. I couldn’t bear to see you get pricked and cried in the waiting room. You proved to be stronger than mommy and didn’t shed a single tear. One of my first proud mama moments for sure.  The first few weeks were a blur of feedings, diaper changes, naps and long nights. Unfortunately mommy hasn’t been able to produce enough milk for you, and the milk I did produce bothered your tummy quite a bit.  You didn’t gain a lot of weight at first, so we had to start supplementing with formula.  After a few rough, colicky nights, your pediatrician suggested Nutramigen while I worked on cutting dairy from my diet.  We noticed an instant difference, as you became much happier. As long as you are happy and healthy, that’s all that truly matters.  We started this routine on December 23rd, when you were 3 1/2 weeks. It has worked well so far, and you’re now gaining weight like a champ!  At the one month mark, you weighed in at 8 lbs 1.5 ounces!  You started giving us smiles right around the new year. Gosh, seeing you smile and how your whole face glows just makes me melt!

Let’s see what else.  You’re still in newborn clothes and diapers at this point.  We actually had to stop at Target after your five day pediatrician appointment just to buy more newborn clothes. We just didn’t expect you to be so tiny!

Your Likes: Bath time, Kimber and Kory, Having a full tummy, eating in general, your rock n’ play, your “womb” sound, riding in the car.

Your Dislikes: Being hungry, diaper changes, being cold, waking up (see first dislike), getting in and out of the bath tub, reflux, tummy aches.

I look forward to writing to each month.  You change on a daily basis, so it will be fun to have these recaps to look back on.  Your mommy and daddy love you so much!!

It’s All About Perspective

Not gonna lie…today was a rough one. Not necessarily due to taking care of my sweet boy all day (and night;) ) either.  More related to my mindset.  Life is completely different now with a little one in tow.  I’m on maternity leave until mid February, which means I’ve transitioned from a fulltime career to being at home all day. Today, for instance, I didn’t have a chance to grab a shower and change out of my pajamas until 4pm.  Sometimes I feel lonely, then I feel guilty for feeling lonely. Then I start to stress about things. See, when you’re alone all day, there’s no one to vent to and your mind can begin going a bit nuts.  I stressed about going back to work, having someone else watch Kallen, guilt for the fact that someone will be watching him. Then, I moved onto stressing over my postpartum weight loss journey ahead of me. I stressed about feeling like Keith and I haven’t had a chance to connect or sit down together in quite some time.  Whew, that’s a lot!

What helped me put all of this into perspective? A really good, sweaty spin class.  I went to my first spin postpartum this evening.  After a long cry on the way there, I left it all on my bike.  My lungs were on fire and my legs burnt, but for some reason a spin class is just like a good therapy session. Tonight taught me that life is all about perspective. I can choose to be sad or overwhelmed or stressed. BUT, I can also choose to be grateful and happy. I can choose to be grateful for the awesome career I have which will help provide for my family and give me something to challenge myself in outside of role as mama.  I can be grateful for my health and that I had such a great delivery, allowing me to return even before 6 weeks after delivery.  I can smile at the fact that my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, and while things might be different now, it doesn’t make them bad. Most of all I can remind myself how utterly blessed I am to be Kallen’s mama.

To wrap all of this up, I don’t have the answers for this wild ride as a new mama, but I can continue to remind myself that perspective can truly turn make or break you!

My First Post! Yay!

My first blog post…woohoo!  And I’m currently typing this in bed while pumping…ha.  I’ve learned that life is all about multi tasking these days.  Having a newborn is probably the hardest job in the entire world.  Like harder than digging ditches.  Yet, it’s easily the BEST job in the whole world at the exact same time. I can’t quite wrap my head around it, but I know I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I’m not quite sure what my posting will look like, how often, what topics etc.  But I am quite excited to get started and just do a little brain dump for today. 🙂

So I had my six week postpartum check up today.  Kallen will officially be six weeks old this Friday, which is so hard to believe.  I gained 40 pounds throughout my pregnancy.  I knew that the scale wouldn’t reflect my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was thankfully prepared to see that I still have about 25 pounds to lose to return there.  The first six weeks have honestly been about survival.  I was desperately trying to increase my milk supply, which meant I was eating a ton.  I probably housed several dozen lactation cookies in my attempts.  Of course, the holiday season added to it as well, and I ate other cookies and indulged more frequently.  I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, but I attribute that mostly to my 7 pounder along with all of the other additions that come with a delivery ;).  I’m now cleared for all activity, and mentally, I think the six weeks was needed for me to be ready to go.

I know that I feel so much better when I eat healthy foods and exercise. But, as a mama now, my priorities are a bit different.  I’m in no rush to drop all of the weight in a month. Frankly I think I might combust if I tried to!  But, as they say, it takes 9 months to gain it, so 9 months to lose it is pretty realistic.  If I return to my pre-pregnancy weight of 133, I’ll be looking at losing a pound per week and achieve it by August. Totally doable.  As of today, I’m starting with small steps.  I began using My Fitness Pal again to get a feel for my caloric intake and protein.  I tend to slack on getting enough protein when I’m not paying attention to it.  I’m also eating dairy free due to a potential dairy allergy Kallen has right now. I did an at home body weight workout, and my goal is to do 1-2 spin classes per week.  No need to go out guns blazing, slow and steady wins the race right?

That’s all I have for tonight.  I’m off to have a date with the sink and my pump parts and then lights out!