Dear Kallen,

Boy, I wish I was quicker at getting these typed up!  As soon as I hit publish it seems like you’ve already hit the next month.  So fast.  You are growing and growing.  At four months old, you’ve turned into quite the little person.  You’re talking up a storm in your own little “cooing” language.  You smile and laugh now, and in general, you’re such a happy little guy!  You’ve adjusted to the daycare scene quite well, and you love your teacher, Miss Ayse, so much.  You light up when you see her, and she really loves you too.  Mommy had to leave you for her first overnight trip for work, and while I was super sad, you didn’t miss a beat with daddy taking care of you.   You have a nice routine, and you still thrive on structure.  You’ve been eating around 32 oz of formula a day with no problems.  You LOVE to eat.  You now recognize your bottle, and as soon as we shake it, you start grunting impatiently.  It’s hilarious. You are still taking about 3-4 naps a day and going to bed around 8pm in our room. You’ve been waking up to eat between 4-5am and then sleeping until about 7 or 7:30am.

We knew it was only a matter of time, but you got your first cold about a week before the four month mark.  Mommy felt so bad seeing you with a stuffy nose.  You couldn’t sleep well b/c you couldn’t breathe.  I started using your humidifier again, and you ended up sleeping on my chest for a couple nights.  While I never like to see you sick, I definitely soaked up those cuddles.  You started to feel a bit better, and then we had to go get your shots at your four month appointment.  You’re gaining like a champ, and you weighed in at 13 pounds 6 ounces!  You were happy as a clam, talking and laughing for Dr. Kile.  All looks good, and you’re definitely going to be tall, already measuring at 26″.  You had to get two shots in your legs and an oral vaccine.  You cried for all of five seconds before you started chuckling.  You’re so strong!  Unfortunately a pretty nasty fever kicked in that night.  You were so hot and uncomfortable, so you ended up sleeping in bed with me.  You had a fever of 101, so I called your doctor and got you some Tylenol. Thankfully it went away about 24 hours later.

You’re still in size 2 diapers but busting out of your six month jammies and 0-3 month onesies.  We’ll be off to buy you new clothes soon!  You are still sleeping in your rock n play at four months, but we know we will soon need to transition you to your crib.  Update on that next month!

We still think you have reflux although we can’t tell for sure.  You’re still on zantac two times a day and Nutramigen.  You still spit up like a machine, but you’re gaining weight well and happy as a clam!  Hopefully you’ll soon start to grow out of it.

You can now hold up your head with no problems, and tummy time goes great!  You decided to roll over again this month, and while I was away for work, Daddy caught you doing it 3x on video.  It was so cool!  You’re very strong and determined!

Likes: Bath time, the hairdryer, tickles, being lifted up and down, car rides, your swing, eating, your zantac medicine, being naked, singing, music

Dislikes: Being hungry and tired, sometimes being burped …not too many to list here, b/c you’re such a happy, chill kid

Next month’s update will bring lots of fun changes too. I love you so very much, and you’ve made life infinitely better.  While it’s crazy, hard and exhausting, we wouldn’t trade you or it for anything.  We love you so much Kallen!