Dear Kallen,

Weren’t you born just a second ago? My how time flies.  Everyone says it, and now I just nod my head in total agreement. While I get sad thinking that you’re no longer a newborn, I’m equally excited at each new stage, milestone and moment with you.  I truly fall more and more in love with you, and this past month has been full of great things!

At your two month appointment you weighed in at 9’10” so the doctor had us bring you back two weeks later for a weight check. Thankfully you gained like a champ and weighed in at 10’14”.  Your legs are super long!  I already had to size up your pajamas to 3-6 months but should have gone a size bigger as they’re already becoming snug (tear).  You can still wear 0-3 month sizes in separates, but before too long we’ll need to go shopping for some spring/summer clothes.

On February 12th you surprised us by rolling over from your tummy to back!  All of a sudden your head and neck muscles got so strong that you pulled yourself right up and kicked over twice in a row!  You haven’t done it since then, but I know you’re itching to every time we do tummy time.  You roll to your side quite a bit as well.  This past month you began grabbing onto toys and fell more in love with sucking on your thumb/entire fist.  You love to put anything and everything in your mouth.

You’re still on a solid routine with eat-play-sleep.  You still eat about every 3 hours or so and nap about 2 hours after each waking.  Your bedtime routine is still working well, and lately as soon as we get towards the end of your bottle, you get so sleepy for your story that you’re pretty much asleep before we even swaddle you!  You still sleep swaddled in the rock n play next to my side of the bed.  We tried crib naps a few times, but due to your reflux they didn’t go so well.  We’ll get there soon enough so I’m not worried!  You have been able to sleep from about 8pm to anywhere from 4-6am.

You’re on Nutramigen formula 100% now.  Unfortunately mommy’s milk supply tanked and only lasted until you were about 2 1/2 months.  I’m proud of giving you what I could though!  This formula has a nasty smell, but it agrees with your tummy so we’ll gladly continue!  We go through about 15 bibs-burp cloths daily. Thank goodness for them, otherwise you’d be changed millions of times per day ha!

The biggest change this past month has been your transition to daycare as mommy returned to work on February 23rd. You have been an absolute champ with it and have adjusted so well!  Better than mommy as I think I’ve shed more tears than you!  We did a trial week the week prior to going full time, and you got to know your teachers (Miss Lindsey and Miss Ayse).  We really love your daycare and how great they are with you!  You’re all smiles when we come see you at lunch and pick you up, which warms my heart. They truly care about you, and your naps/feedings are like clockwork.  Thankfully you’ve been able to use a rock n play we bought so you get good sleep there.  You have several babies to play with, and I think you have a little girlfriend already too.  How cute!

Your little personality has been shining through more and more lately.  You smile all of the time, rarely cry and coo constantly.  You have little conversations with us and love to tell us stories!  You love when mommy sings to you and often sing right along.  Bath time is still a favorite. Now that we use the hairdryer to warm you up, you don’t mind the drying off process one bit.  It’s a highlight of my day!

You went out to eat on Valentines Day with us and were so good even in a packed restaurant!  You got to go to your first birthday party where everyone oooed and aahed over you too.  Aunt Michelle watched you a few times while mommy went to daddy’s first spin class, and we went on a little date. She adores you, and you love her too.

Your Likes: bath time, songs, cooing/hooting, your bink, being swaddled, car rides, being talked to, being able to hold your head up, diaper changes

Your Dislikes: Being hungry, when you can’t burp, tummy aches, gas, being overtired

I’ll soon be posting your four month update, and I’ll keep saying how it all needs to slow down.  We just love you so much.  You’re a sweet, gentle baby, and I can’t wait to see what new things you get into next month.

xoxo Your Mama