Happy Friday!  I’m excited to finish up this little challenge of mine and recap the remaining days of moves!  I have to say I’m already feeling/seeing changes and overall really proud of my focus on health and fitness this past month.  I feel like I’ve still maintained balance (enjoying some grey goose or wine haha) while prioritizing the things that make me feel the best. Going to back work Monday I feel confident in how far I’ve come post baby.

Ok…so here are the rest of my workouts!

Monday, 2/9 – Rest Day

Tuesday, 2/10 – I completed week three’s #4 workout from Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up.  This was a bit of a challenge b/c Kal kept waking up from his nap.  But in those moments, I’m just proud I finished even if I took a few breaks in between!  I love these types of workouts where I can get a great cardio and strength workout all at once.

Wednesday, 2/11 – I’m a bit obsessed with Gina’s workouts if you can’t already tell ;).  Today I did one of her barre workouts.  Holy cow, I haven’t done any barre style workouts in the past, and the tiny movements and pulses are murder! But oh so good too.

Thursday, 2/12 – This was an exciting day! Keith taught his very first spin class at 6am at our gym!  We were able to have his cousin come over and watch Kallen so that I could be there.  I definitely didn’t want to miss out, and I’m just so proud of him!  He just got certified last month and already has a permanent spot at Vive, which is the best gym in the area. So cool.  He did a terrific job, and it was a killer class.  Tons of hills, fast downhills and sprints.

Friday, 2/13 – This was also a great day of moves!  Before I got pregnant last year, I took a functional style group training class at our gym every Friday at 6:15am.  I’ve been itching to get back, so I was able to make it happen.  You pay $18 and get the benefit of a trainer but with a few other people, so the cost is cheaper. We did tabatas and used kettlebells, ropes, Vipr logs and medicine balls for a full body workout. I was super sore after this one.

Saturday, 2/14 – Rest Day

Sunday, 2/15 – Another great 9am spin class taught by Sean.  I was sore from Friday but powered through.

Monday, 2/16 – This has been a unique week b/c it’s my last week of maternity leave.  We decided to do a trial week of daycare, and Keith took the week off as well.  We’ve been doing a few hours at a time with Kallen to see how he’s adjusting. It’s been haaaard, but there’s no better therapy than some good endorphins right??  So after we dropped him off and I cried a river, we went to the gym and went through one of Keith’s upcoming spin classes. It’s pretty awesome when your husband’s an instructor.  Private spin classes? Sure!

Tuesday, 2/17 – Another day of daycare left me a big puddle of tears, but again, doing a workout was my saving grace for easing the pain just a bit.  I did a superset style full body weights workout with some treadmill intervals thrown in. I love effective, short workouts that cover everything and you don’t stop.  No boredom!

Wednesday, 2/18 – Keith and I did a full body circuit strength workout and then another of his spin classes. I started wearing a heart rate monitor and was thrilled to see I burned 603 calories in a little over an hour!

Thursday, 2/19 – Rest Day

Today, 2/20 – I was able to make it to another 6:15am functional training class!  I was proud of myself for heading out when I saw the temperature was -6 degrees before I left the house.  Ouch.  But the workout was great!  My core is still very weak from being pregnant so the plank ups and extended planks hurt like heck, but I’ll just keep keeping on, and I’m sure I’ll get stonger soon!

Well, that’s all! It’s been one month of moves, and I’m really excited for all I’ve accomplished!  Obviously going back to work will change up everything again, and I”m anxious to see how it goes. But, if I want it badly enough, it will happen!