Hello there!  Long time no..write?  It’s definitely proving to be harder than I thought to blog regularly, but I definitely enjoy this outlet, so I’m not giving up anytime soon!  I’m recapping last week’s moves, which I must say I’m pretty dang proud of too.  Although I haven’t done official “moving” every day this past month, I’ve done intense workouts at least 5x per week, so my rest days feel quite worth it.  I’m feeling stronger already and leaner too.  I don’t think the scale reflects all of my work yet, but working out is so much more than a way to drop pounds.  I feel happier, stronger, more patient and confident.  For all of those reasons, I’m excited to keep at it yet again.

Monday, 2/2 – This was a rest day, as I had some intense workouts the past few days.  Typically, in the past, Mondays were often a rest day anyway, giving me a chance to ease into the work week and take a breather.  I think I’ll probably continue this once back to work too.

Tuesday, 2/3 – This was one of those days where not one part of me wanted to do a darn thing.  Not until Kallen’s bedtime did I finally decide to just go for it.  I pieced together my own workout with a circuit of body weight moves and kettlebell swings. I followed it up with two rounds of tabatas and some plank work.  All done while watching Downtown Abbey.  On a sidenote, I am OBSESSED with this show.  I started watching it a few years ago but got way behind. The past two weeks I’ve plowed through seasons 2 through 4 and am now just about caught up on season 5.  I’ll be sad when that happens.  The characters suck me in, and the storyline keeps me more than hooked.  Part of me would love to live in those time or at least experience England.

Wednesday, 2/4 – I look forward to this night all week, as I get out of the house for 6:30pm spin.  We did a pretty challenging class with tons of hills ugh.  But, it felt great!

Thursday, 2/5 – As I scrolled through Instagram, I found a really cool workout posted by PBFingers.  It’s a 32 minute workout, where you cycle through moves in the following categories: legs, arms, cardio and abs.  You complete eight moves x 4 for one minute each.  I added a 10 second rest in between using my interval timer, and holy smokes, it was so hard!  And so good!

Friday, 2/6 – Another rest day, unless you count my marathon of Downton Abbey as exercise?

Saturday, 2/7 – I was having a blah morning, but thankfully Keith pushed me to get it done.  I completed two workouts from Fitnessista’s week 2 winter shape up.  I started with the arm workout, which left me with a great burn. I then did her 21 minute HIIT video.  I thought she was aiming to kill haha.  Tons of squat jumps, burpees, lunges and sweat inducing moves.

Sunday, 2/8 – I rounded out the week with another spin class at 9am. We did my current favorite class (number 17..loving Pitbull’s Fireball), and I killed it.  I sometimes have good and bad days when it comes to spin, and it’s almost always mental.  I really pushed myself to go harder, and I felt so good afterwards.

No workout yesterday, so I’ll do another recap at the end of this week.  All in all, looking back on what I’ve done, I’m really happy!  It’s not easy to motivate oneself to workout at home, but I’ve chosen HIIT style workouts and circuits that can be done anywhere and are super effective.  I’m nervous to step on the scale, so I’m going to go another week or so to do that.  I’d probably wait longer, but for Chelsey’s dietbet challenge, I want to at least know if I’m pacing to win some cash :).

That’s all for now!

xoxo Gretchen