Whew! I’m a bit behind on recapping my daily moves, but I’ve been plugging right along.  Let’s get right to it.

Day 8 (1/27) – After a few days in a row of intense exercise, I wanted to honor my body with a rest day.  I know that to keep my lifestyle sustainable, exercising seven days a week with no break is just not an option.  I tried doing a Daily Burn yoga workout, but it kept freezing on me.  So I ended up doing a few sun salutations and hip openers on my own.  It only took about 10-15 minutes but was so worth it.

Day 9 (1/28) – Well…this was the first day that I didn’t get in any official moves.  I had all intentions of getting to a spin class, but once my hubby got home, we had a lot going on, and it made more sense for me to stay home and sort through it.  Sometimes taking time off is ok especially when family is my top priority.  I was bummed I missed it, but this is where I have to dust myself off and just keep going!

Day 10 (1/29) – Another long day with Kallen brought me to 7pm with no workout in yet.  I was soooo close to throwing in the towel, but I knew that would just make me feel lousy.  Thankfully Gina from the Fitnessista posted an awesome leg burner workout, called “barre so hard” that would take just 17 minutes.  I’m all about short, effective workouts these days.  And even though this was short on time, it was no joke.  Barre style workouts make those muscles buurrrnn!  I felt so accomplished afterward.

Day 11 (1/30) – Thank goodness for Daily Burn yet again!  While Kallen napped, I was able to get in a 37 minute Tabata style workout.  There’s just something about Tabatas that I love.  I think it’s mental knowing that each chunk is just 20 seconds long.  It was great workout and left my legs burning!

Day 12 (1/31) – I was so pumped to make it to spin yesterday!  I love our little community of friends there, and getting out of the house is also a treat.  My legs were pretty sore from my workouts this week, but I pushed it hard and ended the class covered in sweat!

Ok! So I’m excited to keep going!  Tuesday begins our four week diet bet challenge too, so I’m sure that will provide extra motivation to complete my workouts too!