Dear Kallen,

Here we are at two months, and I feel like you were born a second ago!  This past month has been incredible as your little personality has really begun to shine.  You have brought your daddy and me so much joy, and every single moment with you will be treasured forever.

You began to smile at around five weeks old, and boy what a heart melter you are!  When I go to pick you up in the morning, you give me the biggest ear to ear grin possible.  It literally lights up your eyes!  You’ve also become quite a parrot this past month too.  You love to make “OOOO” sounds, and we often call you a little hoot owl.  Every time I make that sound, you stare at me intently, and then repeat it back.  You get a very intent look like your deep in thought, which is adorable.  You’ve also discovered your tongue this month.  It’s a pretty fun little accessory for you, and you stick it out, roll it and then smile because it’s so cool!  If I stick my tongue out at you, you get a big kick out of it, then you usually stick yours out too.  You are such a smiley little guy and super happy (well most of the time ;).  You rolled from your back to your side on MLK day.  You’ve done it once since then, but I know you’re itching to move around even more.  Tummy time happens at least once a day right now. It’s a bit challenging with your reflux and spit up, but we try to get in as much as possible.  You don’t mind it for the first few minutes, especially when you can find your fist and get into your mouth. Your little legs are super strong, and I think in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to kick them just enough to roll over to your back.  We may have a soccer star on our hands, because they are just that strong. 😉

We have developed a nice little routine this month too, and I think you like the structure it provides. You eat around six times a day, every three hours throughout the day with a couple longer stretches at night.  We do the EAT-PLAY-SLEEP routine, and you usually get sleepy after being up for about 2 hours or so.  At right around six weeks, you surprised daddy and I with a few seven hour stretches at night.  You went back to 4-5 hours at most, but mommy certainly can’t complain about that!  And actually the past few days, you’ve been sleeping from about 8:30pm to anywhere between 2 and 4am.  You’ll then do another three hour stretch after that.  We’ve been very consistent with your bedtime routine, which think has helped you with night sleep too.  Every other night we do a bath.  You still absolutely love the water part but hate getting dried off.  We might try the hair dryer trick to see if that helps.  After your bath we give you your last bottle in your nursery rocker with dim light and then read a bedtime story.  Those moments are so precious.  I especially love when I hear you with your daddy as he tells you how much he loves you.  It often brings a tear to my eyes!  You’re still sleeping in our room next to my side of the bed, but you now sleep in your rock n play.  I couldn’t believe how quickly you outgrew your pack n play bassinet!

At your two month well visit, you measured 9 pounds 10 ounces and 24″ long!  You’re going to be quite tall!  You’re a tiny little guy for weight, but you’re a great eater so we’re just going to keep plugging along.  Because of your length, you’ve outgrown all of your newborn clothes.  Your little legs just couldn’t stretch out.  I admit I got pretty sad putting them away!  But you have tons of adorable 0-3 month clothes, which I think you’ll be in for a little while yet.  You had to get three shots at this appointment too.  You were such a little trooper!  I felt so badly for you, and if I could have taken them for you I would have in a heart beat. You cried for a few seconds, but as soon as I picked you up and hugged you, you calmed down.  Being a mama is so special.  While I never want you to be sad or in pain, knowing I can provide you comfort is just so sweet.

Your mama is still pumping as much milk as she can for you.  I’ve cut dairy out of my diet, and I think it’s definitely helped you!  We have had you on Nutramigen for a little while now.  I tried an organic sensitivity formula, but there’s definitely something in it that your little body doesn’t like.  So it looks like we’re going strong on the expensive stuff haha.  Thankfully we’ve learned some tricks to get some of the cost down.  You’re now using the bigger sized Dr. Browns bottles, usually taking in 5 oz at each feeding.

Your Likes: Playing “parrot” with mommy, smiling, music, bath time, lotion massages, bedtime stories, being able to look all around when I burp you, car rides, your strollers, kisses, talking and hooting

Your Dislikes: Being hungry, getting your diaper changed while being hungry, getting dried off after a bath, when you can’t get your bink back in your mouth, tummy aches, being burped

I look forward to all of the days ahead, and with each passing moment I love you more and more.  You’re so sweet, so precious and your parents are just so in love.  The month ahead will bring some changes, as mama heads back to work. But we know you’ll be in good hands, and you’ll be able to learn and meet other babies too!

We love you so much, Kallen!

xoxo Mama