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Hello!  As of this morning, I’m one week into my little challenge, and I feel really, really good!  Mostly, I feel more energized, and I can already tell my endurance is making a good comeback as well.  I’m excited to keep trucking.


Sunday morning I made it to the gym for a 9am spin class.  Keith and I have a pretty good system going so that whoever is going to spin gets a full night’s rest prior while the other one takes care of the feeding.  We did a fairly new class, but it the was first time I could go all not being pregnant.  I cannot tell you how much I love spin.  The class pushes me so much mentally.  It’s pretty easy to fake it, because it’s up to you to turn the resistance up and push harder.  I always try to remind myself that I don’t want to walk out thinking I could have done more.


Yesterday was a typical Moan-day.  Even though I’m still on maternity leave, I still treasure the weekends where Keith and I are both home together.  I had a laundry list of housework to do and other things like taking care of health insurance stuff and bills.  Blah.  7pm rolled before I could blink, and while I had my workout clothes on all day, I just couldn’t fit it in.  Kallen’s naps have taken a turn for the worst.  He goes to sleep right away but wakes up after about 20 minutes when his bink falls out.  He goes back to sleep again, but it’s a back and forth saga now.  Hmm…just when you think you have their sleep figured out, they surprise you!  Anyway, I had read the fitnessista’s intro to her winter shapeup plan and decided to join in and do the first workout for the week. I love that they can be done at home with minimal equipment.  This was a fun/intense workout involving multiple strength exercises and tabatas.  I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it through even one round of tabata, but I surprised myself and busted out all three rounds. I used the interval timer app on my ipad (pic above), and it allowed me to set the right tabata intervals. Given that this was at 8:30pm, I was really shocked and pretty darn proud of myself!  Keith took care of Kallen’s last feeding and putting him to bed, so I knew this little window was my only shot.  Good thing!

I woke up this morning and weighed myself.  I’ve lost 1 pound since last week.  My instant reaction was, “Ugh”. I quickly had to reel myself in though. This is a marathon not a sprint, and I want my results to be lasting and sustainable.  A pound a week is right on par with what is recommended. I’m now in a better place about it!  Everything healthy decision I make gets me one step closer to my goals!