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Good afternoon!  Yay…I’m still going strong!  I realized yesterday that committing to doing something active every day is much more challenging than I thought.  Life with a newborn is exhausting, and every minute of the day can easily get filled with diaper changes, feedings, laundry and dishes.  I have to consciously squeeze in these moves, but I definitely feel the better for it.

So yesterday I knew would be a challenging one.  My parents were in town and left around noon to head home. Then, I had lunch plans with some co-workers and didn’t get home until after 4pm. After a bunch of chores, Kallen’s feedings and dinner, I was spent.  But, I knew if I wanted it badly enough I could make some type of exercise happen.  Thankfully I had just read Janetha’s latest blog post with her 500 reps kettlebell workout and thought it was perfect.  So while Keith took care of Kallen’s bedtime routine, I busted out my 25 lb. kettlebell and just got to it. I think sometimes the key to working out is to not allow yourself to think about it.  I put on an episode of House Hunters and completed all five sets.  I only did ten reps of the rows, squats and swings.  If I had a lighter weight I could have done 20, but I’m still trying to regain my strength after pregnancy.  All in all, it was an awesome workout, only took 20 minutes to complete and made me feel extra  proud (especially for a Friday night).

Today’s workout was another Daily Burn option.  After some strength work yesterday, I chose a Total Cardio workout. I love timed exercises rather than counting reps, and this had me doing tons of different (new to me) exercises, 45 seconds at a time.

I’m feeling really good after this week!  I’ve committed to not weighing myself regularly.  Based on previous experience I know the number just gets to my head, and seeing those daily fluctuations will just drive me crazy.  I’m aiming to go by how my clothes feel.  I’m hoping to gain some muscle, so the number on the scale isn’t always an accurate reflection.

Have a great weekend all!