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Hi! I’m excited to begin something new that will hopefully motivate me as I embark on my fitness journey! I don’t want to say “losing the baby weight” or “getting my body back” because quite frankly those phrases sound a bit negative. I’m pretty dang proud of my body which grew and delivered a human. That’s crazy! My body did what it needed to do to ensure that happened. Am I bigger than I was before I got pregnant? Of course! But I can’t let that get me down. There’s a pretty amazing reason why. 🙂

Beginning today and for the next month, I’m going to blog daily about my “moves for the day”.  I’m hoping that this little challenge will help keep me motivated in the fitness department. Also, by holding myself accountable to moving each day, I hope to get a variety of exercise in. I’m not going to do intense workouts seven days a week, so I hope to do some stroller walks or yoga throughout the week as well. In my opinion, mental health is equally important, and a good walk and fresh air can do the soul mighty good.

I kicked off my challenge this morning with another Daily Burn workout. First, I have to tell you how much a fan I am of this program. I’m usually not one to hop on the bandwagon of things advertised in January. But, this company is legit haha. It’s great to have such a diverse library of workouts at my fingertips ranging in length and style.


This morning I went with a cardio based workout, called “Metabolic Maximizer” since I did a kettlebell circuit program yesterday.  It was definitely a challenge, but I’m glad I picked it. Thankfully Kallen napped the entire time so I was able to finish the thirty minute workout before he woke up.  The workout consisted of fourteen rounds of four exercises, five reps each.  Jumping lunges, quad squats, geckos and bear squats on repeat. Holy crap…it was no joke. After round six I was toast, but thankfully you get a tiny recovery between each round. Excuse the crazy hair below!


After Kallen ate later this morning, I decided to bust out the BOB jogging stroller since the weather app showed a balmy 34 degrees.  You know it’s winter when you’re excited for weather in the thirties. Yikes!  I strapped little man in, bundled him up and we did thirty minutes around the neighborhood. Going straight up hill with that thing is an intense workout all on its own!  It felt great to get some fresh air though.

All in all, I’m proud of day one, and the good groove I’m in so far. I’m sure not every day will involve this much activity. Some days I might only squeeze in 10-15 minutes worth of moves. But that’s kind of the point. As a mama, I want to show that a fit lifestyle isn’t about length or hours spent in the gym. Like I blogged about yesterday, it’s the culmination of the little things that will add up!

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