Just popping in to share my first experience with DailyBurn.  After seeing multiple advertisements for their free 30 day trial, I decided to sign up. Since I’m home all day on maternity leave, I figured this would be a great option! I like variety, and with a newborn, I need the option of short workouts!

After signing up, I got to choose my own program and went with the 15 minute workout program that lasts two weeks. It comes with a workout plan and meal plans too, which are a great bonus!

Today’s workout was 15 minute MMA. Now, I’m probably the most uncoordinated person in the entire world. I was a little nervous, because I typically don’t enjoy these kinds of workouts. I have to say, although I couldn’t quite get a couple of the moves, I got an awesome workout in! I worked up a sweat, while working every major muscle group. Score!

I look forward to adding these workouts into my routine over the next couple weeks. While I’m still getting back to go with my workouts, I think DailyBurn will help motivate me as I get there!