I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs, and it’s also a fun way to document the days so that I can remember them for years to come!

This was a typical day at home with my little guy. I tried to document each thing in my notebook, so most times and activities are accurate.

Friday, January 2nd:

12:45am – Wake up and hear K fussing. He’s currently sleeping in the bassinet section of the pack n play by our bed. He wet through his pjs and swaddle. I change him in the nursery and put him back down to sleep. Keith took the last feeding so I could get some sleep, so I was able to shut my eyes around 8:30pm.

2:21am – Wake up hearing K beginning to fuss. I get up and get a bottle out of the fridge to warm up. I go back to see K has fallen asleep again. I climb in bed, and we both end up sleeping for another hour.

3:12am – K is officially hungry now. I wake him, unswaddle him and take him to the nursery to eat. We eat, burp, get all the spit up out and change diaper. K spits up over new outfit so we move to pj set #3 of the night. I swaddle him, give him his bink and put him back down.

4:03am – I climb in bed and start pumping. I get 4 ounces in 20 minutes..sweet! I scroll through social media on my phone while I pump. K is not the least bit sleepy.

4:23am – I finish pumping and go to kitchen. I put milk in freezer storage bag, wash pump parts and bottles.

4:30am – Keith wakes up for the day and grabs his coffee/cereal. He’s up early to catch a 6am spin class at the gym. I’m super proud of him!

4:40am – I go back to bed and see K staring at me with eyes wide open. After a quick whiff, I now realize why he’s still awake. I laugh, and take him to nursery to change him. It’s funny how a poopy diaper has yet to actually bother him!

4:56am – K is now sleepy and goes right to bed after a swaddle, bink, womb sound, kisses and cuddles.

6:56am – K starts fussing. I’m surprised since he usually sleeps for a longer stretch at this point. I give him his bink then grab his bottle.

7:12am – After a couple unsuccessful bink attempts, I get K up, undressed and diaper changed.

7:15am – Take K to living room to eat I turn on the Christmas tree lights and the Today show. I feed K, burp him and put his pjs back on. I put K in his swing to chill. He is quite smiley and happy.

8:00am – I grab my Starbucks French roast coffee (in need of the strong stuff) with French Vanilla almond milk creamer. I make breakfast, which consisted of oatmeal with flax, blueberries and almond butter. I call Keith to hear about his spin class. I feed Kimber her breakfast.

8:10am – I sit down and write this out while K chills in his swing.

8:20am – K starts getting sleepy, so I swaddle him while I sip my coffee/eat breakfast. He falls asleep in my arms.

8:40am – Put K down in rock n play and turn on his womb sound. He’s out like a light. I finish breakfast and scroll through facebook.

9:00am – I get ready to pump and take my first round of milk plus.

9:16am – I start pumping and instantly regret not filling my water bottle first. I always get so incredibly thirsty within the first 30 seconds!  I stroll through Instagram and blogs. I also write down some ideas for this new blog of mine.

9:49am – I stop pumping and wash bottles and parts, clean up the living room, make our bed and put together Kallen’s activity mat to begin using for the first time.

10:30am – K starts stirring, so I quickly take Kimber outside to pee and then feed little man.

11:00am – I finish up his bottle and burp K. We play on his new mat, I give him a bath b/c of all of the spit up ensuing, clean up more spit up, read him Pinnocchio and put on his outfit for the day.

12:00pm – Time for nap! I swaddle, turn on his womb sound and put him down in his rock n play. I boil some water for forumula and throw a load of K’s laundry in.  It’s crazy how quickly one tiny baby can fill a washing machine!

12:10pm – I make a turkey sandwich with pickle and spinach along with baby carrots. I speed through a DVR’ed episode of House Hunters, my latest addiction.

12:30pm – I put the Chicco caddy stroller together, since I plan to run some errands later, and switch the laundry to the dryer.

12:45pm – Grab a shower, put on makeup, curl my hair and get dressed for the day. Boy, that feels good.

1:15pm – Time to pump!

1:55pm – Another round of cleaning the pump parts

2:00pm – K is still snoozing, so I make some low-fat kettle corn popcorn while I wait for him to wake up.

2:40pm – K wakes up from nap, so I change his outfit and feed him.

3:15pm – I change a dirty diaper, burp and sway with K. He loves looking outside! We play on his activity mat and do some tummy time. He tolerates small bursts at this point.

3:35pm – I dress him and put him in swing while I clean up the living room.

3:50pm – Get ready to run to Target, thank goodness I catch a wet diaper first. He actually wet through his whole outfit, so we change everything and then he goes in the carseat.

4:00pm – Out the door..wahoo! We start with a stop at the Starbucks drive through. I get a Soy Americano, and it tastes like heaven.

4:30pm – Run to Target and put K in the caddy stroller, works great! I grab formula, more burp cloths and almond milk.

5:30pm – Stop at Lucky’s Sporthouse/Restaurant to pick up dinner for Keith and me, which I phoned in before hitting up Target.

6:00pm – Arrive home and feed K.

6:40pm – K falls asleep on my chest with a nice, full tummy. I love these moments.

7:00pm – I move K to his swing, while he snoozes away.

7:20pm – Keith and I eat dinner while watching an episode of Friends. I enjoy their house salad with salmon, while Keith enjoys the firecracker chicken and fries. I love when he shares his chicken, oh so good!

7:45pm – K wakes up fussy, so we change his diaper, bounce/burp, then I give him to Keith.

8:13pm – I pump while we watch more Friends.

8:55pm – I finish pumping, fold laundry and get ready for bed.

9:30pm – Lights out for me! Keith graciously stays up for K’s bedtime routine.

Whew! That’s a lot!