Not gonna lie…today was a rough one. Not necessarily due to taking care of my sweet boy all day (and night;) ) either.  More related to my mindset.  Life is completely different now with a little one in tow.  I’m on maternity leave until mid February, which means I’ve transitioned from a fulltime career to being at home all day. Today, for instance, I didn’t have a chance to grab a shower and change out of my pajamas until 4pm.  Sometimes I feel lonely, then I feel guilty for feeling lonely. Then I start to stress about things. See, when you’re alone all day, there’s no one to vent to and your mind can begin going a bit nuts.  I stressed about going back to work, having someone else watch Kallen, guilt for the fact that someone will be watching him. Then, I moved onto stressing over my postpartum weight loss journey ahead of me. I stressed about feeling like Keith and I haven’t had a chance to connect or sit down together in quite some time.  Whew, that’s a lot!

What helped me put all of this into perspective? A really good, sweaty spin class.  I went to my first spin postpartum this evening.  After a long cry on the way there, I left it all on my bike.  My lungs were on fire and my legs burnt, but for some reason a spin class is just like a good therapy session. Tonight taught me that life is all about perspective. I can choose to be sad or overwhelmed or stressed. BUT, I can also choose to be grateful and happy. I can choose to be grateful for the awesome career I have which will help provide for my family and give me something to challenge myself in outside of role as mama.  I can be grateful for my health and that I had such a great delivery, allowing me to return even before 6 weeks after delivery.  I can smile at the fact that my husband and I have a wonderful relationship, and while things might be different now, it doesn’t make them bad. Most of all I can remind myself how utterly blessed I am to be Kallen’s mama.

To wrap all of this up, I don’t have the answers for this wild ride as a new mama, but I can continue to remind myself that perspective can truly turn make or break you!