Kallen Rogers: Four Months Old

Dear Kallen,

Boy, I wish I was quicker at getting these typed up!  As soon as I hit publish it seems like you’ve already hit the next month.  So fast.  You are growing and growing.  At four months old, you’ve turned into quite the little person.  You’re talking up a storm in your own little “cooing” language.  You smile and laugh now, and in general, you’re such a happy little guy!  You’ve adjusted to the daycare scene quite well, and you love your teacher, Miss Ayse, so much.  You light up when you see her, and she really loves you too.  Mommy had to leave you for her first overnight trip for work, and while I was super sad, you didn’t miss a beat with daddy taking care of you.   You have a nice routine, and you still thrive on structure.  You’ve been eating around 32 oz of formula a day with no problems.  You LOVE to eat.  You now recognize your bottle, and as soon as we shake it, you start grunting impatiently.  It’s hilarious. You are still taking about 3-4 naps a day and going to bed around 8pm in our room. You’ve been waking up to eat between 4-5am and then sleeping until about 7 or 7:30am.

We knew it was only a matter of time, but you got your first cold about a week before the four month mark.  Mommy felt so bad seeing you with a stuffy nose.  You couldn’t sleep well b/c you couldn’t breathe.  I started using your humidifier again, and you ended up sleeping on my chest for a couple nights.  While I never like to see you sick, I definitely soaked up those cuddles.  You started to feel a bit better, and then we had to go get your shots at your four month appointment.  You’re gaining like a champ, and you weighed in at 13 pounds 6 ounces!  You were happy as a clam, talking and laughing for Dr. Kile.  All looks good, and you’re definitely going to be tall, already measuring at 26″.  You had to get two shots in your legs and an oral vaccine.  You cried for all of five seconds before you started chuckling.  You’re so strong!  Unfortunately a pretty nasty fever kicked in that night.  You were so hot and uncomfortable, so you ended up sleeping in bed with me.  You had a fever of 101, so I called your doctor and got you some Tylenol. Thankfully it went away about 24 hours later.

You’re still in size 2 diapers but busting out of your six month jammies and 0-3 month onesies.  We’ll be off to buy you new clothes soon!  You are still sleeping in your rock n play at four months, but we know we will soon need to transition you to your crib.  Update on that next month!

We still think you have reflux although we can’t tell for sure.  You’re still on zantac two times a day and Nutramigen.  You still spit up like a machine, but you’re gaining weight well and happy as a clam!  Hopefully you’ll soon start to grow out of it.

You can now hold up your head with no problems, and tummy time goes great!  You decided to roll over again this month, and while I was away for work, Daddy caught you doing it 3x on video.  It was so cool!  You’re very strong and determined!

Likes: Bath time, the hairdryer, tickles, being lifted up and down, car rides, your swing, eating, your zantac medicine, being naked, singing, music

Dislikes: Being hungry and tired, sometimes being burped …not too many to list here, b/c you’re such a happy, chill kid

Next month’s update will bring lots of fun changes too. I love you so very much, and you’ve made life infinitely better.  While it’s crazy, hard and exhausting, we wouldn’t trade you or it for anything.  We love you so much Kallen!




Kallen Rogers: Three Months Old

Dear Kallen,

Weren’t you born just a second ago? My how time flies.  Everyone says it, and now I just nod my head in total agreement. While I get sad thinking that you’re no longer a newborn, I’m equally excited at each new stage, milestone and moment with you.  I truly fall more and more in love with you, and this past month has been full of great things!

At your two month appointment you weighed in at 9’10” so the doctor had us bring you back two weeks later for a weight check. Thankfully you gained like a champ and weighed in at 10’14”.  Your legs are super long!  I already had to size up your pajamas to 3-6 months but should have gone a size bigger as they’re already becoming snug (tear).  You can still wear 0-3 month sizes in separates, but before too long we’ll need to go shopping for some spring/summer clothes.

On February 12th you surprised us by rolling over from your tummy to back!  All of a sudden your head and neck muscles got so strong that you pulled yourself right up and kicked over twice in a row!  You haven’t done it since then, but I know you’re itching to every time we do tummy time.  You roll to your side quite a bit as well.  This past month you began grabbing onto toys and fell more in love with sucking on your thumb/entire fist.  You love to put anything and everything in your mouth.

You’re still on a solid routine with eat-play-sleep.  You still eat about every 3 hours or so and nap about 2 hours after each waking.  Your bedtime routine is still working well, and lately as soon as we get towards the end of your bottle, you get so sleepy for your story that you’re pretty much asleep before we even swaddle you!  You still sleep swaddled in the rock n play next to my side of the bed.  We tried crib naps a few times, but due to your reflux they didn’t go so well.  We’ll get there soon enough so I’m not worried!  You have been able to sleep from about 8pm to anywhere from 4-6am.

You’re on Nutramigen formula 100% now.  Unfortunately mommy’s milk supply tanked and only lasted until you were about 2 1/2 months.  I’m proud of giving you what I could though!  This formula has a nasty smell, but it agrees with your tummy so we’ll gladly continue!  We go through about 15 bibs-burp cloths daily. Thank goodness for them, otherwise you’d be changed millions of times per day ha!

The biggest change this past month has been your transition to daycare as mommy returned to work on February 23rd. You have been an absolute champ with it and have adjusted so well!  Better than mommy as I think I’ve shed more tears than you!  We did a trial week the week prior to going full time, and you got to know your teachers (Miss Lindsey and Miss Ayse).  We really love your daycare and how great they are with you!  You’re all smiles when we come see you at lunch and pick you up, which warms my heart. They truly care about you, and your naps/feedings are like clockwork.  Thankfully you’ve been able to use a rock n play we bought so you get good sleep there.  You have several babies to play with, and I think you have a little girlfriend already too.  How cute!

Your little personality has been shining through more and more lately.  You smile all of the time, rarely cry and coo constantly.  You have little conversations with us and love to tell us stories!  You love when mommy sings to you and often sing right along.  Bath time is still a favorite. Now that we use the hairdryer to warm you up, you don’t mind the drying off process one bit.  It’s a highlight of my day!

You went out to eat on Valentines Day with us and were so good even in a packed restaurant!  You got to go to your first birthday party where everyone oooed and aahed over you too.  Aunt Michelle watched you a few times while mommy went to daddy’s first spin class, and we went on a little date. She adores you, and you love her too.

Your Likes: bath time, songs, cooing/hooting, your bink, being swaddled, car rides, being talked to, being able to hold your head up, diaper changes

Your Dislikes: Being hungry, when you can’t burp, tummy aches, gas, being overtired

I’ll soon be posting your four month update, and I’ll keep saying how it all needs to slow down.  We just love you so much.  You’re a sweet, gentle baby, and I can’t wait to see what new things you get into next month.

xoxo Your Mama

Weekend Happenings


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Good afternoon!  Happy Sunday!  I’m popping in to share a little about my weekend, which was quite a good one.  It’s a bittersweet time, as I head back to work tomorrow after a little over three months of maternity leave.  I’m super sad to not be with my little guy all day, but I’m also excited to dive back into work, get dressed up every day and have more of a routine.  Hopefully tomorrow isn’t too painful!

Yesterday, Keith went to spin in the morning while I lounged around with Kallen.  Once he got home from the gym, we swapped, and I headed over for a good workout.  We’ve finally hit a really good groove, and I feel like we’ve done a good job of balancing workouts and keeping it fair etc.

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The gym was fairly busy since I think most people, like myself, wanted to get it done before more snow arrived.  I’m such a fan of full body circuit style workouts these days.  Not only are they an effective use of time, but I also can get my cardio in as well since my heart rate stays elevated.

I put this quickie workout together:

Full Body Strength Workout – 3 Rounds – 10 to 12 reps:

DB Chest Press on Bench with Legs Elevated

Lat Pulldowns

DB Shoulder Presses

Step Ups with Barbell

Squat with Bicep Curl

Tricep Dips

Plank Punches

I busted through all three rounds with short breaks in between, so it probably took me about 25 minutes.  I then hopped on the stepmill and did 15 minutes with 1 minute intervals of a higher speed and 1 minute of doing every other step.


I wanted to get a pedicure and manicure as a little treat before heading back to work, and I guess I thought the salon would be dead.  Nope.  I think every female in the area was there!  It took about 2 hours, but I’m glad I waited. There’s nothing like a fresh mani/pedi that can make me feel like a new person!

After that I headed to the grocery store for our shopping haul, picked up a pizza and headed home.  We enjoyed a cozy night of pizza/wine and the end of “My Girl”, which I had never seen before!

This morning was my turn for 9am spin, which was super intense.  My legs were sore from this week’s workouts, but I still left it all on the bike. No better feeling.


Once I got home, Keith went to the gym, and Kallen and I busted out some meal prep for the week.  It’s amazing how much one can get done in the span of an hour aka baby’s nap time ;).  Below shows everything I got prepped, and I’m excited to have my lunches, snacks and dinner ready to go!


Hopefully this week goes smoothly.  Although I’m sure it will be a huge adjustment, I’m excited to get back to work and figure out this whole balancing act!

xoxo Gretchen

One Month of Moves – Final Recap!

Happy Friday!  I’m excited to finish up this little challenge of mine and recap the remaining days of moves!  I have to say I’m already feeling/seeing changes and overall really proud of my focus on health and fitness this past month.  I feel like I’ve still maintained balance (enjoying some grey goose or wine haha) while prioritizing the things that make me feel the best. Going to back work Monday I feel confident in how far I’ve come post baby.

Ok…so here are the rest of my workouts!

Monday, 2/9 – Rest Day

Tuesday, 2/10 – I completed week three’s #4 workout from Fitnessista’s Winter Shape Up.  This was a bit of a challenge b/c Kal kept waking up from his nap.  But in those moments, I’m just proud I finished even if I took a few breaks in between!  I love these types of workouts where I can get a great cardio and strength workout all at once.

Wednesday, 2/11 – I’m a bit obsessed with Gina’s workouts if you can’t already tell ;).  Today I did one of her barre workouts.  Holy cow, I haven’t done any barre style workouts in the past, and the tiny movements and pulses are murder! But oh so good too.

Thursday, 2/12 – This was an exciting day! Keith taught his very first spin class at 6am at our gym!  We were able to have his cousin come over and watch Kallen so that I could be there.  I definitely didn’t want to miss out, and I’m just so proud of him!  He just got certified last month and already has a permanent spot at Vive, which is the best gym in the area. So cool.  He did a terrific job, and it was a killer class.  Tons of hills, fast downhills and sprints.

Friday, 2/13 – This was also a great day of moves!  Before I got pregnant last year, I took a functional style group training class at our gym every Friday at 6:15am.  I’ve been itching to get back, so I was able to make it happen.  You pay $18 and get the benefit of a trainer but with a few other people, so the cost is cheaper. We did tabatas and used kettlebells, ropes, Vipr logs and medicine balls for a full body workout. I was super sore after this one.

Saturday, 2/14 – Rest Day

Sunday, 2/15 – Another great 9am spin class taught by Sean.  I was sore from Friday but powered through.

Monday, 2/16 – This has been a unique week b/c it’s my last week of maternity leave.  We decided to do a trial week of daycare, and Keith took the week off as well.  We’ve been doing a few hours at a time with Kallen to see how he’s adjusting. It’s been haaaard, but there’s no better therapy than some good endorphins right??  So after we dropped him off and I cried a river, we went to the gym and went through one of Keith’s upcoming spin classes. It’s pretty awesome when your husband’s an instructor.  Private spin classes? Sure!

Tuesday, 2/17 – Another day of daycare left me a big puddle of tears, but again, doing a workout was my saving grace for easing the pain just a bit.  I did a superset style full body weights workout with some treadmill intervals thrown in. I love effective, short workouts that cover everything and you don’t stop.  No boredom!

Wednesday, 2/18 – Keith and I did a full body circuit strength workout and then another of his spin classes. I started wearing a heart rate monitor and was thrilled to see I burned 603 calories in a little over an hour!

Thursday, 2/19 – Rest Day

Today, 2/20 – I was able to make it to another 6:15am functional training class!  I was proud of myself for heading out when I saw the temperature was -6 degrees before I left the house.  Ouch.  But the workout was great!  My core is still very weak from being pregnant so the plank ups and extended planks hurt like heck, but I’ll just keep keeping on, and I’m sure I’ll get stonger soon!

Well, that’s all! It’s been one month of moves, and I’m really excited for all I’ve accomplished!  Obviously going back to work will change up everything again, and I”m anxious to see how it goes. But, if I want it badly enough, it will happen!



One Month of Moves – Days 13 thru 21!

Hello there!  Long time no..write?  It’s definitely proving to be harder than I thought to blog regularly, but I definitely enjoy this outlet, so I’m not giving up anytime soon!  I’m recapping last week’s moves, which I must say I’m pretty dang proud of too.  Although I haven’t done official “moving” every day this past month, I’ve done intense workouts at least 5x per week, so my rest days feel quite worth it.  I’m feeling stronger already and leaner too.  I don’t think the scale reflects all of my work yet, but working out is so much more than a way to drop pounds.  I feel happier, stronger, more patient and confident.  For all of those reasons, I’m excited to keep at it yet again.

Monday, 2/2 – This was a rest day, as I had some intense workouts the past few days.  Typically, in the past, Mondays were often a rest day anyway, giving me a chance to ease into the work week and take a breather.  I think I’ll probably continue this once back to work too.

Tuesday, 2/3 – This was one of those days where not one part of me wanted to do a darn thing.  Not until Kallen’s bedtime did I finally decide to just go for it.  I pieced together my own workout with a circuit of body weight moves and kettlebell swings. I followed it up with two rounds of tabatas and some plank work.  All done while watching Downtown Abbey.  On a sidenote, I am OBSESSED with this show.  I started watching it a few years ago but got way behind. The past two weeks I’ve plowed through seasons 2 through 4 and am now just about caught up on season 5.  I’ll be sad when that happens.  The characters suck me in, and the storyline keeps me more than hooked.  Part of me would love to live in those time or at least experience England.

Wednesday, 2/4 – I look forward to this night all week, as I get out of the house for 6:30pm spin.  We did a pretty challenging class with tons of hills ugh.  But, it felt great!

Thursday, 2/5 – As I scrolled through Instagram, I found a really cool workout posted by PBFingers.  It’s a 32 minute workout, where you cycle through moves in the following categories: legs, arms, cardio and abs.  You complete eight moves x 4 for one minute each.  I added a 10 second rest in between using my interval timer, and holy smokes, it was so hard!  And so good!

Friday, 2/6 – Another rest day, unless you count my marathon of Downton Abbey as exercise?

Saturday, 2/7 – I was having a blah morning, but thankfully Keith pushed me to get it done.  I completed two workouts from Fitnessista’s week 2 winter shape up.  I started with the arm workout, which left me with a great burn. I then did her 21 minute HIIT video.  I thought she was aiming to kill haha.  Tons of squat jumps, burpees, lunges and sweat inducing moves.

Sunday, 2/8 – I rounded out the week with another spin class at 9am. We did my current favorite class (number 17..loving Pitbull’s Fireball), and I killed it.  I sometimes have good and bad days when it comes to spin, and it’s almost always mental.  I really pushed myself to go harder, and I felt so good afterwards.

No workout yesterday, so I’ll do another recap at the end of this week.  All in all, looking back on what I’ve done, I’m really happy!  It’s not easy to motivate oneself to workout at home, but I’ve chosen HIIT style workouts and circuits that can be done anywhere and are super effective.  I’m nervous to step on the scale, so I’m going to go another week or so to do that.  I’d probably wait longer, but for Chelsey’s dietbet challenge, I want to at least know if I’m pacing to win some cash :).

That’s all for now!

xoxo Gretchen

One Month of Moves – Days 8 through 12!

Whew! I’m a bit behind on recapping my daily moves, but I’ve been plugging right along.  Let’s get right to it.

Day 8 (1/27) – After a few days in a row of intense exercise, I wanted to honor my body with a rest day.  I know that to keep my lifestyle sustainable, exercising seven days a week with no break is just not an option.  I tried doing a Daily Burn yoga workout, but it kept freezing on me.  So I ended up doing a few sun salutations and hip openers on my own.  It only took about 10-15 minutes but was so worth it.

Day 9 (1/28) – Well…this was the first day that I didn’t get in any official moves.  I had all intentions of getting to a spin class, but once my hubby got home, we had a lot going on, and it made more sense for me to stay home and sort through it.  Sometimes taking time off is ok especially when family is my top priority.  I was bummed I missed it, but this is where I have to dust myself off and just keep going!

Day 10 (1/29) – Another long day with Kallen brought me to 7pm with no workout in yet.  I was soooo close to throwing in the towel, but I knew that would just make me feel lousy.  Thankfully Gina from the Fitnessista posted an awesome leg burner workout, called “barre so hard” that would take just 17 minutes.  I’m all about short, effective workouts these days.  And even though this was short on time, it was no joke.  Barre style workouts make those muscles buurrrnn!  I felt so accomplished afterward.

Day 11 (1/30) – Thank goodness for Daily Burn yet again!  While Kallen napped, I was able to get in a 37 minute Tabata style workout.  There’s just something about Tabatas that I love.  I think it’s mental knowing that each chunk is just 20 seconds long.  It was great workout and left my legs burning!

Day 12 (1/31) – I was so pumped to make it to spin yesterday!  I love our little community of friends there, and getting out of the house is also a treat.  My legs were pretty sore from my workouts this week, but I pushed it hard and ended the class covered in sweat!

Ok! So I’m excited to keep going!  Tuesday begins our four week diet bet challenge too, so I’m sure that will provide extra motivation to complete my workouts too!

Kallen Rogers: Two Months



Dear Kallen,

Here we are at two months, and I feel like you were born a second ago!  This past month has been incredible as your little personality has really begun to shine.  You have brought your daddy and me so much joy, and every single moment with you will be treasured forever.

You began to smile at around five weeks old, and boy what a heart melter you are!  When I go to pick you up in the morning, you give me the biggest ear to ear grin possible.  It literally lights up your eyes!  You’ve also become quite a parrot this past month too.  You love to make “OOOO” sounds, and we often call you a little hoot owl.  Every time I make that sound, you stare at me intently, and then repeat it back.  You get a very intent look like your deep in thought, which is adorable.  You’ve also discovered your tongue this month.  It’s a pretty fun little accessory for you, and you stick it out, roll it and then smile because it’s so cool!  If I stick my tongue out at you, you get a big kick out of it, then you usually stick yours out too.  You are such a smiley little guy and super happy (well most of the time ;).  You rolled from your back to your side on MLK day.  You’ve done it once since then, but I know you’re itching to move around even more.  Tummy time happens at least once a day right now. It’s a bit challenging with your reflux and spit up, but we try to get in as much as possible.  You don’t mind it for the first few minutes, especially when you can find your fist and get into your mouth. Your little legs are super strong, and I think in the next few weeks, you’ll be able to kick them just enough to roll over to your back.  We may have a soccer star on our hands, because they are just that strong. 😉

We have developed a nice little routine this month too, and I think you like the structure it provides. You eat around six times a day, every three hours throughout the day with a couple longer stretches at night.  We do the EAT-PLAY-SLEEP routine, and you usually get sleepy after being up for about 2 hours or so.  At right around six weeks, you surprised daddy and I with a few seven hour stretches at night.  You went back to 4-5 hours at most, but mommy certainly can’t complain about that!  And actually the past few days, you’ve been sleeping from about 8:30pm to anywhere between 2 and 4am.  You’ll then do another three hour stretch after that.  We’ve been very consistent with your bedtime routine, which think has helped you with night sleep too.  Every other night we do a bath.  You still absolutely love the water part but hate getting dried off.  We might try the hair dryer trick to see if that helps.  After your bath we give you your last bottle in your nursery rocker with dim light and then read a bedtime story.  Those moments are so precious.  I especially love when I hear you with your daddy as he tells you how much he loves you.  It often brings a tear to my eyes!  You’re still sleeping in our room next to my side of the bed, but you now sleep in your rock n play.  I couldn’t believe how quickly you outgrew your pack n play bassinet!

At your two month well visit, you measured 9 pounds 10 ounces and 24″ long!  You’re going to be quite tall!  You’re a tiny little guy for weight, but you’re a great eater so we’re just going to keep plugging along.  Because of your length, you’ve outgrown all of your newborn clothes.  Your little legs just couldn’t stretch out.  I admit I got pretty sad putting them away!  But you have tons of adorable 0-3 month clothes, which I think you’ll be in for a little while yet.  You had to get three shots at this appointment too.  You were such a little trooper!  I felt so badly for you, and if I could have taken them for you I would have in a heart beat. You cried for a few seconds, but as soon as I picked you up and hugged you, you calmed down.  Being a mama is so special.  While I never want you to be sad or in pain, knowing I can provide you comfort is just so sweet.

Your mama is still pumping as much milk as she can for you.  I’ve cut dairy out of my diet, and I think it’s definitely helped you!  We have had you on Nutramigen for a little while now.  I tried an organic sensitivity formula, but there’s definitely something in it that your little body doesn’t like.  So it looks like we’re going strong on the expensive stuff haha.  Thankfully we’ve learned some tricks to get some of the cost down.  You’re now using the bigger sized Dr. Browns bottles, usually taking in 5 oz at each feeding.

Your Likes: Playing “parrot” with mommy, smiling, music, bath time, lotion massages, bedtime stories, being able to look all around when I burp you, car rides, your strollers, kisses, talking and hooting

Your Dislikes: Being hungry, getting your diaper changed while being hungry, getting dried off after a bath, when you can’t get your bink back in your mouth, tummy aches, being burped

I look forward to all of the days ahead, and with each passing moment I love you more and more.  You’re so sweet, so precious and your parents are just so in love.  The month ahead will bring some changes, as mama heads back to work. But we know you’ll be in good hands, and you’ll be able to learn and meet other babies too!

We love you so much, Kallen!

xoxo Mama

DietBet! Challenge

Good afternoon!  I just wanted to pop in quickly and share information regarding the DietBet! Challenge I joined.  Have you heard of it?  I didn’t know much about it until one of my friends explained the concept. She had lots of success with it especially after the holidays/vacation or whenever those extra pounds seemed to creep back on.

After reading Chelsey’s blog post about her challenge earlier this week, I figured why not?  I am in the beginning stages of losing weight, and this would be exactly what their site says, “a short, sweet kick in the pants.”  Ok…so what is DietBet? Head on over to DietBet to read more about it, but in a nutshell, you pay $25 and split the pot with everyone who loses 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks. They do a great job of explaining how you submit your weight/photos, and they seem to have a great system to ensure everything is legit.  I’m hoping to win and earn some extra $$, but I think I’m more excited about joining a group of people with the same goals in mind. It’s always great for extra motivation.

If you’d like to join Chelsey’s challenge, simply click on the link below. It starts on Tuesday, February 3, and runs for 4 weeks.




One Month of Moves – Days 6 & 7


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Hello!  As of this morning, I’m one week into my little challenge, and I feel really, really good!  Mostly, I feel more energized, and I can already tell my endurance is making a good comeback as well.  I’m excited to keep trucking.


Sunday morning I made it to the gym for a 9am spin class.  Keith and I have a pretty good system going so that whoever is going to spin gets a full night’s rest prior while the other one takes care of the feeding.  We did a fairly new class, but it the was first time I could go all not being pregnant.  I cannot tell you how much I love spin.  The class pushes me so much mentally.  It’s pretty easy to fake it, because it’s up to you to turn the resistance up and push harder.  I always try to remind myself that I don’t want to walk out thinking I could have done more.


Yesterday was a typical Moan-day.  Even though I’m still on maternity leave, I still treasure the weekends where Keith and I are both home together.  I had a laundry list of housework to do and other things like taking care of health insurance stuff and bills.  Blah.  7pm rolled before I could blink, and while I had my workout clothes on all day, I just couldn’t fit it in.  Kallen’s naps have taken a turn for the worst.  He goes to sleep right away but wakes up after about 20 minutes when his bink falls out.  He goes back to sleep again, but it’s a back and forth saga now.  Hmm…just when you think you have their sleep figured out, they surprise you!  Anyway, I had read the fitnessista’s intro to her winter shapeup plan and decided to join in and do the first workout for the week. I love that they can be done at home with minimal equipment.  This was a fun/intense workout involving multiple strength exercises and tabatas.  I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it through even one round of tabata, but I surprised myself and busted out all three rounds. I used the interval timer app on my ipad (pic above), and it allowed me to set the right tabata intervals. Given that this was at 8:30pm, I was really shocked and pretty darn proud of myself!  Keith took care of Kallen’s last feeding and putting him to bed, so I knew this little window was my only shot.  Good thing!

I woke up this morning and weighed myself.  I’ve lost 1 pound since last week.  My instant reaction was, “Ugh”. I quickly had to reel myself in though. This is a marathon not a sprint, and I want my results to be lasting and sustainable.  A pound a week is right on par with what is recommended. I’m now in a better place about it!  Everything healthy decision I make gets me one step closer to my goals!

One Month of Moves – Days 4 & 5!


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Good afternoon!  Yay…I’m still going strong!  I realized yesterday that committing to doing something active every day is much more challenging than I thought.  Life with a newborn is exhausting, and every minute of the day can easily get filled with diaper changes, feedings, laundry and dishes.  I have to consciously squeeze in these moves, but I definitely feel the better for it.

So yesterday I knew would be a challenging one.  My parents were in town and left around noon to head home. Then, I had lunch plans with some co-workers and didn’t get home until after 4pm. After a bunch of chores, Kallen’s feedings and dinner, I was spent.  But, I knew if I wanted it badly enough I could make some type of exercise happen.  Thankfully I had just read Janetha’s latest blog post with her 500 reps kettlebell workout and thought it was perfect.  So while Keith took care of Kallen’s bedtime routine, I busted out my 25 lb. kettlebell and just got to it. I think sometimes the key to working out is to not allow yourself to think about it.  I put on an episode of House Hunters and completed all five sets.  I only did ten reps of the rows, squats and swings.  If I had a lighter weight I could have done 20, but I’m still trying to regain my strength after pregnancy.  All in all, it was an awesome workout, only took 20 minutes to complete and made me feel extra  proud (especially for a Friday night).

Today’s workout was another Daily Burn option.  After some strength work yesterday, I chose a Total Cardio workout. I love timed exercises rather than counting reps, and this had me doing tons of different (new to me) exercises, 45 seconds at a time.

I’m feeling really good after this week!  I’ve committed to not weighing myself regularly.  Based on previous experience I know the number just gets to my head, and seeing those daily fluctuations will just drive me crazy.  I’m aiming to go by how my clothes feel.  I’m hoping to gain some muscle, so the number on the scale isn’t always an accurate reflection.

Have a great weekend all!